Best weed blogs in 2023


Leafly is a well-known and popular weed blog that provides comprehensive information about cannabis strains, products, dispensaries, and industry news. It offers strain reviews, user ratings, and detailed descriptions of various cannabis strains, helping users make informed decisions about their purchases. Additionally, Leafly covers cannabis-related topics such as legalization updates, health benefits, and consumption methods. It also has a robust community section where users can engage in discussions and share their experiences.Leafly has been widely recognized and utilized by cannabis enthusiasts for years. Its user-friendly interface, extensive strain database, and reliable information have contributed to its popularity within the cannabis community.

High Times

High Times is one of the most well-known and influential weed blogs in the cannabis industry. It has been a leading source of cannabis-related news, culture, and information for several decades. High Times covers a wide range of topics including strain reviews, cultivation advice, industry trends, cannabis events, and legalization updates.

High Times gained significant popularity through its magazine publication, which has been in circulation since 1974. Over the years, it has expanded its online presence, offering digital content, forums, and a robust website. High Times has also organized and hosted cannabis events and competitions, further solidifying its reputation within the community.


Herb ( is another popular weed blog that has gained a significant following within the cannabis community. It offers a range of cannabis-related content, including strain reviews, product recommendations, industry news, and lifestyle articles.

Herb covers a wide variety of topics, catering to both recreational and medical cannabis users. The blog provides informative articles about cannabis cultivation, consumption methods, cooking with cannabis, and the latest developments in the industry. It also features interviews with industry experts, profiles of influential figures, and coverage of cannabis events and festivals.

The Weed Blog

The Weed Blog is a popular and influential platform within the cannabis community. It provides a wealth of information on cannabis culture, news, politics, strains, products, and more.

The Weed Blog covers a wide range of cannabis-related topics, including legalization efforts, industry trends, advocacy, and lifestyle content. It features articles, interviews, and editorials written by experts and enthusiasts in the field. The blog aims to educate and inform readers about cannabis, its benefits, and the evolving legal landscape surrounding it.

While I don’t have access to real-time popularity rankings, The Weed Blog has garnered a significant following over the years and has been recognized for its comprehensive and engaging content. Its articles often generate discussions and provide valuable insights for both newcomers and experienced cannabis users. is another well-known and popular weed blog that has established itself as a reputable source of cannabis-related content. It offers a variety of articles, news, and resources on cannabis culture, strains, products, and industry updates. covers a wide range of topics, including cannabis cultivation, consumption methods, health benefits, legalization efforts, and lifestyle content. The blog features articles written by industry experts, activists, and enthusiasts, providing insights and perspectives on various aspects of cannabis.

Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture is a well-known weed blog that has been influential in the cannabis community for many years. It was founded by cannabis activist Marc Emery and covers a range of topics related to cannabis culture, legalization, activism, and lifestyle.

Cannabis Culture features articles, videos, and interviews on various aspects of cannabis, including news, strain reviews, growing tips, and advocacy efforts. The blog aims to provide a platform for cannabis enthusiasts to share their experiences, knowledge, and perspectives.

Medical Jane

Medical Jane is a well-regarded weed blog that focuses on cannabis as a therapeutic and medicinal tool. It provides comprehensive information on various aspects of medical cannabis, including strains, consumption methods, patient testimonials, research updates, and health-related articles.

Medical Jane aims to educate and inform readers about the potential medical benefits of cannabis and provide resources for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. The blog features in-depth strain reviews, guides on using cannabis for specific medical conditions, and interviews with experts in the field.

Cannabis Now Magazine

Cannabis Now Magazine ( is a popular weed blog that focuses on cannabis culture, lifestyle, news, and industry trends. It covers a wide range of topics related to cannabis, including strains, products, legalization updates, events, and interviews with industry figures.

Cannabis Now Magazine features articles and multimedia content that aim to educate, entertain, and inform cannabis enthusiasts. It provides insights into the evolving cannabis industry and offers a platform for sharing stories and experiences related to cannabis.


Weedmaps ( is primarily known as a platform for locating cannabis dispensaries and delivery services. While it offers a blog section, its primary focus is on providing information about cannabis businesses and services.

The Weedmaps blog covers a range of topics, including strain reviews, industry news, cannabis culture, and lifestyle content. It aims to provide insights and resources for cannabis enthusiasts, but it’s important to note that the blog is just one aspect of the broader Weedmaps platform.

While Weedmaps is popular as a resource for finding dispensaries and related services, its blog may not be as widely recognized as some of the dedicated weed blogs mentioned earlier. However, it’s still worth exploring their blog section for relevant content.

Marijuana Business Daily

Marijuana Business Daily (MJBizDaily) is a leading source of news, analysis, and insights for the cannabis industry. While it is primarily focused on providing business-related information rather than a traditional blog format, it is widely recognized as a reputable and influential platform within the cannabis industry.

MJBizDaily covers a wide range of topics related to the business aspects of the cannabis industry, including legal and regulatory updates, industry trends, financial analysis, and market insights. It caters to professionals and entrepreneurs in the cannabis space, providing them with valuable information to make informed business decisions.

While MJBizDaily is not a traditional blog in the sense of personal anecdotes or strain reviews, it is highly regarded for its coverage of the business side of the cannabis industry. Its reputation and influence stem from its in-depth reporting, data-driven analysis, and extensive coverage of industry events and conferences.