Botox Types

Microorganisms were discovered by scientists in the late 19th century. In the middle of the last century, they found unexpected applications. Neurotoxin was used to treat nervous tic, blepharospasm (eye circular muscle spasm), strabismus, oesophagus achalasia (neuromuscular disorder), muscles (seizures and spasms), and infantile cerebral palsy.

Gradually, Botox application has expanded. It gave effective results for smoothing wrinkles on the forehead, between eyebrows, near eyes and lips. The procedure quickly became popular because it is not as expensive and traumatic as plastic surgery, and the result is similar.

Botulinum toxin-based preparations are used in cosmetology. One of the most popular is the drug Disport, which is produced in the UK and France. The product contains a small concentration of botulinum toxin. Thanks to this drug is safe and does not harm neighboring tissues.

Botox Types

The main task of Botox injections is to make sure that a person ceases to use facial muscles frequently. The drug limits the signals between nerves and facial muscles, which relaxes the muscles. As a result, there is a smoothing of wrinkles and no new wrinkles will appear.

During the procedure, the cosmetologist gives injections in the areas to be corrected. Each zone requires a different amount of Botox. For example, to smoothen the forehead of the drug requires about twice as much as for wrinkles near the eyes. For lip correction – half as much as for the eyes.

The injection is done with a short and thin needle in the muscles, whose activity needs to be reduced or minimized.