Chiropractic Toronto

The chiropractor treats spinal diseases by exposing the affected areas with his hands. His help may also be needed for diseases of internal organs and during the recovery period after injuries.
This medical specialist performs:

  • examination;
  • diagnostics;
  • direct treatment of diseases.

Unlike massage, manual therapy affects not only muscles but also bones, joints, vertebrae and intervertebral discs.
With the help of various techniques and techniques chiropractor relieves pain in various pathological conditions of the spine and muscle corset, helps eliminate posture disorders and spine deformation. Due to the latter it is also possible to solve the problem of pinching nerve endings and blood vessels.

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Chiropractic Toronto
Chiropractor massaging a young woman lying on a massage table, stretching and flexing her hip joint pressing on her knee, health and medical concept

For which health problems is manual therapy recommended?
Headaches, fainting conditions. Chiropractic therapy helps restore blood flow in the brain and eliminate these symptoms.

Diseases of the spine including spinal column deformity, intervertebral hernias, osteochondrosis. The actions of a chiropractor relieve muscle tension, help restore healthy spine anatomy, restore blood supply and muscle corset.

Diseases of the internal organs against the background of spine pathology. Manual therapy helps to restore normal posture and the correct position of internal organs.

Ignorance of anatomy and improper therapeutic actions may cause a sharp deterioration of the condition, so manual therapy can only be practiced by certified medical professionals who have received special training and have a valid certificate for the relevant specialty.