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The market began to take shape in the 70s of last century. The refusal of all world powers from the gold standard in 1976 was the reason for the creation of Forex. Since then, countries have switched to the Jamaican system. Currency rates began to depend on market relations, rather than being set by the state as it used to be. This development contributed to the normal functioning of the world economy. Capital exchange between different countries has become fully possible. Today, the daily and increasing over time turnover of the international trading platform ranges from $5 to $7 trillion.

olymp trade login

Forex is an international global market. Currencies act as a commodity here. The very name FOReign EXchange in translation means “foreign exchange”. It is quite acceptable to compare this market with an exchange office, where one monetary unit is bought (or sold) for another.

For example, if in the near future it is known that there will be a price increase in the U.S. dollar, then this fact can be used to make a profit by buying American currency and reselling it at an advantageous price. Financial operations on the international market occur in the same way, but with larger amounts.

Olymp trade provides an opportunity to gain profit from exchange rate differences. The rate is generally understood as a unit of one currency, expressed in units of another. If the demand for any of the currencies falls, it becomes cheaper. Therefore, another currency unit begins to be in great demand, and its price increases. You can make money both on falling prices and on their growth.