Pacific Stone

High Five Farms is a large, Tier 3 sun-grower located in Prosser, Washington. They are a budget friendly, sustainably grown cannabis company, using high quality growing and extraction practices, who care deeply for the safety and happiness of their consumers. High Five grows all of their flower in house and also extracts dry-sift, Moroccan-style hash. 

Last weekend, I decided to try out High Five Farms for myself. I picked up one of my favorite deep, stoney indica strains, 9 lb. Hammer. This earthy, pungent flower strain from High Five sure packed a sedative, sleepy punch — the perfect companion for bedtime.

I could feel a calmness settle over my body almost instantly, a wave of relaxation that started in my head and ended at my toes. I could feel my racing mind slowly settle with each puff as I melted into my bed sheets.

I must say, High Five Farms did an amazing job with their version of this classic couch-lock indica. For a very affordable $22 per 3.5 grams of flower, my mind was blown away by the quality and effectiveness of their pretty, frosted buds.

Pacific Stone

Nothing is more convenient than a pre-rolled joint! Sharing is caring, so make sure you have plenty for your party this weekend. For the best pre-rolled joints in San Francisco, CANEX has all the best options! From high CBD to strait indica pre-rolls, San Francisco is the spot for the most innovative cannabis products you can find. Here are the best pre-rolled joints in San Francisco.

This sativa pre-roll will bring on blissful feelings and an energetic high. Nativ seems to be the first company to produce a “Gray Label” cannabis product. Their Gray Label pre-rolls are a mixture of premium cannabis and hash. This was the product that introduced Nativ to California, and they now have black and white label joints. Only the Gray Label has hash added, making it the most potent of the bunch. Even with the extra potency, these vitality joints are smooth and perfect for any occasion. If you’re looking for the best pre-rolled joints in San Francisco, Nativ’s Gray Label hash joints are a must-have.