Space Coyote – 5pk Mini Pre Rolls 2.5g

After years of rolling their own personal joints with resins and hash, CEO and Co-Founder of Space Coyote – 5pk Mini Pre Rolls 2.5g, Libby Cooper, and her partner, Scott Sundvor, decided it was time for them to bring their infused-cannabis creations to market. One might say the flavorful combinations they cook up are “smokable” art, which makes sense given Libby’s lifelong artistic drive.

Born in London, Libby’s parents relocated to California, where she grew up in the Menlo Park area and developed her love for art as a very young girl.  

“In Kindergarten, we had to write a letter to ourselves, and I wrote that when I grew up I wanted to be an artist,” Libby said. “But my parents wanted to make sure I could make a living and support myself.”

Space Coyote – 5pk Mini Pre Rolls 2.5g

That led her to a career in design. Creating concepts that could be usable in the world offered an avenue towards making a salary—something her parents insisted upon—but being a true artist was always in the back of her mind. She has done everything from UX design at Silicon Valley startups to art direction on video production but felt stagnate in her positions. Libby joined the cannabis industry at the beginning of 2016, as the Creative Director for Eaze. Although she had a lot of creative control, she really wanted to venture out and start her own project.

Collaborations with cultivators, extract brands, and artists are at the core of Space Coyote’s mission — always pairing the perfect winning combination for the best high in this galaxy and beyond. And, here’s the latest fresh drop… When Space Coyote’s live resin singles immediately became best sellers, the requests for preroll packs started coming in. So, they listened. Introducing a 5-pack of potent half gram joints rolled with the finest concentrates they could find, Field Extracts live resin. Sativa and Indica packs are available for purchase, featuring delicious strain specific bud and extract pairings. Plus, these out of this world offerings are beautifully packaged in a collectible, environmentally friendly tin. It’s no wonder Space Coyote is California’s premiere infused joint maker!!