Weed San Francisco

Cannabis for medical use

To buy medical cannabis, you need a Medical Marijuana ID card or a doctor’s recommendation. You do not pay sales tax if you buy cannabis with a Medical Marijuana ID card.

You can also:

  • Grow up to 12 cannabis plants for your own use
  • Buy up to 8 ounces of flower

You can buy even more than 8 ounces if your doctor recommends it.

Our Dispensary has been serving patients of San Francisco, CA and surrounding areas since 2013. Previously a medical cannabis dispensary, Barbary Coast became open to the public for adult-use in January 2018. Whether you are from the United States or abroad, visitors 21 years and over are welcome with a valid government issued ID. We strongly believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products and excellent customer service in a safe, clean, and comfortable space.

Weed San Francisco

Weed San Francisco legalized cannabis on January 1st, 2018. This day marked the beginning of a new era for the United States; pot is now accessible to the majority of Americans. There are retail marijuana stores in major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Any adult over the age of 21 can buy cannabis products from state-approved dispensaries. Once you have your cannabis products, what exactly are the rules when it comes to San Francisco weed laws? Can you smoke in public or share your pot with your friends? Are you allowed to grow your own weed?