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There’s also the law of the square. In a small cottage or yard it is difficult to stick to it, but the rules of the location of buildings and planting plants it has an impact. The essence of it is the orientation on the side of the world. For example, when choosing a place for a house, remember that if you put it on the south side, almost the entire site will be in the shade. In some regions it is good, in some regions it is bad. It’s up to you.

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Landscape Design

Take into account the position in relation to parts of the light and when planning recreational areas. For example, it is better to make the pool on the south side: the water should be warmed up. But there should be a shaded area, a canopy, a pergola in which you can relax from the hot sun.

When it comes to planting and deciding where to plant, it can be interpreted as follows: The tallest plants should be in the north (unless you live in the south and need no shade). The rest of the space will then be well lit.

Gardening a summer house or the yard of a private house requires knowledge of what degree of light a particular plant species prefers. There are always more or less shaded areas. On the north side of buildings there are always more shadows. Here you need to plant shady trees, shrubs and flowers. Already at a distance of two or three meters, the area may have good light, as the shade from the house there may not reach. We’ll need plants that like plenty of light.