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Weed control on the lawn.
Whether you like it or not, weeds will appear on your lawn sooner or later. So you have to fight them anyway. It’s true that before you declare war on weeds, you have to find out what type they belong to.
The lawn is “illegally” populated by two main types of weeds: single-sided weeds (wheatgrass, flatfoot) and double-sided weeds (loach, highlander, plantain, dandelion, buttercup, etc.).
The smallest of the two evils are dicotyledonous weeds. They are relatively easy to handle. They have no problem weeding and are afraid of safe herbicides (which oppress the growth of weeds without poisoning the lawn grass). These herbicides include Dialen, Lintour, Golf.
There is one trick in fighting these weeds – you can only use “heavy artillery” after fertilizing. For the herbicide to work, the weed must grow and “gain strength”.

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Under no circumstances should the grass be treated with herbicides when it is not healthy or under stress. Do not weed out during droughts, unexpected frosts or turf floods. It is advisable to feed the lawn with nitrogen fertilisers before applying herbicides. For example, 0.2% solution of ammonium nitrate or urea.